Firefox (Quantum)
Firefox (Quantum) New Firefox, with a new engine built for rapidfire performance... Free
Fractal Zoomer
Fractal Zoomer Create fractal imagery from more than 100 built-in fractal functions... Free! Free

The Daily Freeware Pick

AMT  Auto Movie Thumbnailer

Create thumbnail sheets from your videos

Auto Movie Thumbnailer enables you to create screen caps and thumbnail indexes for any number of movies. Simply select the folder(s) that contain your videos and the program will scan through the content ...

New Releases & Updates Nov 20, 2017

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SysGaugeratingSysGauge is a free system and performance monitoring utility that enables you to monitor the CPU usage, memory usage, network transfer rate, operating system performance...


Date ReminderratingDate Reminder is a simple, portable reminder application that can you can use to keep track of upcoming or recurring events...